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Hamburg/ Germany

AGAMINE Solar Sarl

AGAMINE combines cutting edge design with innovative, patented module technology and highly efficient LED with solar energy and its related controllers and components.

Research, development and manufacturing of all the AGAMINE products are done in house, in Morocco, relying and integrating advanced and innovative engineering ideas, product conceptualization and advanced performances with state of the art manufactured parts.

Since its start, AGAMINE has seen a steady growth. Well over thousands installations perform already everyday with solar energy on each of the 5 continents with the SHEMS, GAMMA and SMART product lines.

AGAMINE privileges to grow its business by working with a number of selected and preferred partners covering certain countries and/or regions. AGAMINE believes in mutual objectives, trust and transparency and selected distribution partners that have these same common denominator in market approach and principles of marketing and delivering high quality performing products and services.

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