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AGAMINE Solar Sarl

Solar-powered pole top luminaire with VAWT
( Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine )
Here comes a streetlight that runs on Wind and Solar Energy.
The turbine has composite blades and springs into action when wind speed reaches 1.3 meters per second. It executes 10 -2 00 revolutions per minute and works with an rpm of 10 - 60 while creating 200 Watts in the process. The turbine increases the power generation 24 hours a day, it will not affect the work due to the influence of the weather.

Available Q2 / 2023

General Information
Pole Height 6,5m
Diameter 180mm
Beam Angle -10° to 25° degree adjustable
weight ~160kg (6.5 m)
Number of Days of Autonomy 3 days (luminous efficacy automatically reduced)
LED Lighting
Power 60W
Lumen output 10365lm
Lumen Efficiency ~173lm / W
Color Temperature (CCT) 3000K / 4000K (standard) / 5000K / 6000K
Lifetime L80 > 100,000hrs
Dimming continuously dimmable (0-100%)
ON/OFF control programmable
Light profile programmable
Motion Sensor optional
Warranty 5 years
Solar Module
vertical, cylindrical (Agamine's proprietary solar module)
Technology monocrystalline Silicone, efficiency > 24%
Quantity 1 PV - 64 cells, 218Wp
Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine
Starting wind speed 1,3m/s
Rated voltage 12/24VDC
Rated power 200W
Safe Wind speed 45m/s
Engine phase permanent magnet generator
Installation height 3 - 12m
Use of the enviroment:
Altitude: ≤4500m
Maximum wind speed: ≤35m/s
Steel hot-dip galvanized with powder coating
Wind Load 45m/s (162km/h); higher loads optional
Warranty 20 years anti-corrosion C5m
Lithium LiFePO4, High temperature (65°C)
Lifetime 7000 cycles; ~ 19 years
Warranty 3 years (5 or 10 years optional)
Position Batteries in the pole
Sany POE camera possible; Wi-Fi/4G camera optional
Communication Remote communication 4G/GPRS or ZigBee/Lora Wan
Protection + Security
IP 66 Protection; IK09
Glass cover for LED and PV unit to protect against sand abrasion
Reverse polarity protection
Low battery voltage cut-off
Security pole door / vandal protection

Inspiration "A design of a street luminaire combining a Savonius rotor and solar cell module to power a pair of luminaires with light emitting diodes"

credit: courtesy of Eng. Petr Hampl CZ Republic

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