LI Industries GmbH


Hamburg/ Germany


The Globe luminaries – In order to maintain the illusion of the moon, all bases are not visible for the observer - the lights appear to have no base. The sound quality of highgrade materials backs up the tasteful appearance. The Globes are available in sizes from 250 mm to 750 mm. The Moonlight globes are of moulded polyethylene. They are extremely impact resistant and robust. Temperatures of -40° to +80° Celsius do not cause any problems for the lights. The positive overall impression is topped off with additional features such as UV stability, longevity and watertightness. Moonlight Technology products are certified according to: CSA C 22.2 / UL 153 / EN 60598 / VDE 0711 Development, production and distribution according to DIN EN ISO 14001:1996

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